'...Spirits to Lift the Spirit...'

Nestled in the foothills of the South Downs, Ditchling is an idyllic English village, bustling with creative energy and community spirit. We are an integral part of Ditchling life in many ways. All of us live and work in the village, we always try to use local artisan suppliers to supply and support our business. We plough a proportion of our profits into local charities and projects.

Our current portfolio…. 

Ditchling Gin, a super-premium London Dry style Gin.

 Ditchling Fling, a super-premium Toffee Vodka. 

Both drinks have amassed awards including medals from IWSC, ISC, The London Spirits Challenge and the Global Premium Spirit Masters in the last 12 months.

Our Drinks...

Ditchling Gin

Ditchling Gin is a premium, award winning Gin created with pure spring water of Sussex and a unique array of locally inspired botanicals.                 

Ditchling Fling

Ditchling Fling is a premium, award winning Toffee Vodka made with the finest UK grain carefully blended with delicious toffee, dates and rum flavours, giving it a sweet, smooth and silky taste.


Our Team...

About Ditchling Spirits

Ditchling Spirits is the brand owner of Ditchling Gin and Ditchling Fling Toffee Vodka, award winning spirits originating from the village of Ditchling in the beautiful South Downs. 

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